Mr. Fluffy

Before you appreciate this post, you have to understand, that my daughter’s favorite animals in the world are bunnies. She got a stuffed bunny when she was a baby, and by now has collected many many of them which crowd her bed at nighttime. She has asked Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, the Easter Bunny, her friend Rose, & Santa for a real bunny, and has checked every book out of the library about bunnies. Today, daddy realized that we had a burrow in our very own backyard with several baby bunnies living in it. One of them actually got stuck in our fence, so he rescued it and put it safe and sound in the garage for “bunny girl” to get home. So when she did get home, and found the baby bunny here, she was over-the-moon excited. Even though, right off the bat, we told her that it was a wild bunny, and had to go back with his mommy & brothers & sisters, she named him Mr. Fluffy, and asked us several times if we could keep him. Daddy did some research on-line and found out that it is not really a good idea to keep wild bunnies, b/c they need milk from their mommies and get their nutrition from outside. So after she pet him for a bit, and sat and talked to him in the garage for a while, we convinced her it was time to put Mr. Fluffy back in his burrow so his family could find him… and that is what she did. After going out this evening for her dance recital rehersal, and coming back home, we found one bunny in the nest, and another one hopping around the yard. She is VERY glad that we have a bunny family living behind our house, and I am sure will continue to keep asking us for a pet bunny for months & years to come! Regardless, it was “like a dream come true” for her she said… so it really was a great day for the girl who loves bunnies!!


~ by thebugsmommy on June 11, 2010.

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