Project 52 | Week 10: Out of Focus

March 25… Out of Focus: Turn your lens on manual focus, purposely expose an image out of focus.

Last year I watched the movie “The Passion of Christ” for the first time. I had heard how graphic it was when it came out in theaters years ago, and told myself I did not want to watch it (being a “cradle catholic” and all, I didn’t need to watch it… I knew what happened after going to catholic school from 1st grade… through highschool… and then on to a Jesuit college, as well as going to mass my whole life). Last Lent, my husband decarled that he wanted to watch it, and when he hit ‘play’ that evening, I felt compelled to sit and watch. Although I had to get up from my seat, and walk away quite a few times, I could not believe how much it moved me. Lent and Holy Week would never be the same for me. I couldn’t make it through the services last year without crying. I know that many parts of the movie were brutally disturbing, but what moved me the most was His Mother being there first-hand to witness something so horrible happening to her son. Being a mother myself, this really got to me, and touched me in so many ways…

This week of the project, during the second week of Lent, I took this photo out-of-focus on purpose. You don’t need to see the details of this station, when Jesus met his afflicted mother, with clarity, because we know what happenes, and it can touch us all differently, as it did for me last year. I will never watch that movie again, but will remember it always…

So now, don’t forget to follow our blog circle. This week from my blog it continues on to Tabitha’s blog once again…
Tabitha Patrick Port Huron, MI Photographer


~ by thebugsmommy on March 25, 2011.

17 Responses to “Project 52 | Week 10: Out of Focus”

  1. Beautiful and moving!

  2. beautiful work! Love this shot.

  3. This is what you said!! Gorgeous!

  4. Beautifully said and captured in picture. What Christ did for us is truly beyond my comprehension. That sacrifice for my sin, wow! I have never set back and really thought about his mother watching the whole thing. It does make your heart ache for her, but she did see him RISE!! PTL.

  5. Great post. Beautiful photograph, thank you.

  6. Your thoughtfulness is apparent in your. Very nice post.

  7. extremely moving!

  8. Wow, your image is so moving! Beautifully done and I like the way you captured so much of the mood in your image of Christ!

  9. Gorgeous piece of art!

  10. I love your image and your words.

  11. love the perspective, very nice

  12. Love everything about this.

  13. Very moving and beautiful!

  14. Amazing and beautiful! Lent is such a wonderful time of reflection and soul searching. Your image and post are so moving!

  15. So moving. I own it too…but have yet to watch

  16. Beautiful story and picture, Lynn!

  17. beautiful and such a wonderful reminder this time of year

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