Project 52 | Week 11: Fooled Ya

April 1… Probably because today is April Fools Day, the theme for this week is “Fooled Ya: Create an image that may look like one thing but in reality is another.”

Okay, this was another tough week… stumped once again, but I didn’t feel so bad because I hear many of the other ladies in this photographer blog circle were stumped too. Well anyway, there are these replica models of the NYC Twin Towers, as a memorial to the people in this town lost on 9/11 right around the corner from where I work, that I thought I would take a photo of, because up close they look so real. I wanted to use my camera to take a photo of them and make them look like the real thing for you guys to see on my blog, but when I drove over there at lunch time yesterday they were covered up because of the weather (rain & hail). So instead, keeping with the patriotic theme of the twin towers, I took a photo of this flag in my backyard. When up close and processed, you can’t tell that it was just a tiny little flag (which I’ll show in the second photo).

God Bless America.

So now, don’t forget to follow our blog circle.



~ by thebugsmommy on April 1, 2011.

7 Responses to “Project 52 | Week 11: Fooled Ya”

  1. Ok I LOVE this. Just a great image and powerful meaning. SUPER shot!

    I am having trouble with my domain so I hope this works. It appears it is just me that cannot get on my site but I hope the buck does not stop with me. PLEASE let me know if you cannot get to my site – I will take myself out!

  2. great idea!! love that you kept with your original theme.

  3. Love the pullback and the processing in each image. Adds to the timelessness and enduring beauty of Old Glory.

  4. it’s amazing what perspective can do!! this is great!

  5. Great idea! I love this!!

  6. Very creative, love how it looks larger than life!

  7. I love the art in these images!

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