Project 52 | Week 12: Fur

12/52… blog circle for April 8th… Fur: Pets, Fake Fur, etc.

Since we don’t have pets in this house, except for fish, I had the great idea to have a little girl dressed up in her mommy’s fur coat & high heels… how fun would that be?! Well I personally don’t have a fur coat, but my friend & neighbor said she had one from her mother hanging in her garage… so this afternoon, I went over with my camera to take some fun shots with her 3 year old daughter playing dress up in her mommy’s coat.

Apparently grandma’s furs were not dress-up worthy, so we tried one of moms… she really didn’t want to wear it, and wanted to wear her own mini-fur coat… and we tried with some of her mom’s high heel shoes… which I got her to wear for a couple of shots but then she wanted to put on her crocs because wearing her mom’s shoes would “make her fall down and crack her head open” she said… lol…

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~ by thebugsmommy on April 8, 2011.

7 Responses to “Project 52 | Week 12: Fur”

  1. Love them Lynn! Surprised that you got some! 🙂 Love the peek-a-boo shots!

  2. Adorable shots and what a sport she was! I just love the before and after high-heels-to-crocs photo. She’s so stiff in the heels and looks like she doesn’t want to move yet she’s dancing around like she’s been freed once she gets into her crocs. Hallelujah! Who doesn’t know that feeling? Nice work.

  3. Great shots! I love them!

  4. I love all of these – but the one with her dancing in her crocs – priceless! Love the color in them all.

  5. So fun

  6. Those are too cute!

  7. What a little cutie she is!! Adorable images 🙂

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