Project 52 | Week 31: Back to School

31/52 Blog Circle for August… Back to School: What are some signs in your home that it is time to head back to school?

When I saw this week’s project title, I thoght… NOOOOOOO!!!!! Not “Back to School”…. Not already!!!! It is still summer… We have over 2 weeks left and I am not ready to send them back… Granted we have gone through the school uniforms, and have gotten some of the required school supplies… but all in all, I am just not thinking about it yet! We have had such a nice summer… one of the BEST… and I guess you can say I am in denial… because I will miss the laidbackness of the summer… the no major schedules… the wearing shorts and bathing suits… the short haircuts… the crocs and flip flops… the reading what you want to read and playing legos on the floor… the kids staying up later than usual and sleeping in late… the unpredictiveness of it all… and so instead of having them prematurely put on their school uniforms so I could take their photos… I decided to have them run outside at about 8pm at night, where there was still a little light to be had… so I could take a moment in time summer shot… I guess you could call this my PROTEST POST to this weeks theme… lol…

I hope you don’t mind me doing this blog circle ladies… I’m just trying to relish the last few weeks of the summer of 2011…

To wrap up our blog circle, you can link back up to Lucy’s blog at: Lucy Jane, Adelaide Photographer


~ by thebugsmommy on August 19, 2011.

One Response to “Project 52 | Week 31: Back to School”

  1. I love your protest post! I agree with you completely. We started back last week and I hated to go back. I feel like one of the few that loves the kids home for the summer and the lack of business that comes with summer. Enjoy your last few weeks 🙂

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