Project 52 | Week 32: Fruit

32/52 Blog Circle for August 26… Fruit: Your favorite fruit? A color fruit? Maybe a fruit bowl of many different fruits!

I had such great ideas for this week… go to the local market… or even to my neighbors garden… and then the week got away form me and today, when I remembered that I didn’t get my fruit shot yet, I brought my camera with me because I knew I wanted to stop at WalMart when I was out and about with my sister, to get some goods for the upcoming hurricane.. Hurricane Irene is supposed to pass right over us on Sunday… Well the flashlights were sold out… but we were able to find some battery powered lights in the tools department… and then they didn’t have much bunny food for our pet rabbits… but was able to at least get some Timmothy Hay and treats… and as we wrapped around the store, we went through the isles to get cereal and drinks to have on hand, just in case we loose power during the storm… well you never know… and might as well get some pop-tarts and cheez-it’s and stuff like that… then getting closer to the fruit, we got some applesauce and mandarin oranges.. well I was finally approaching the fruit isle, and took out the camera… but when we got there… NOTHING… just a few random bananas… oh well…. guess this week’s fruit shot will be a good memory of us getting ready for the hurricane…. at least I got some batteries for the lights… and pop-tarts….

You can complete the blog circle by going to Jennifer’s blog: Jennifer Hill, South Georgia Photographer


~ by thebugsmommy on August 26, 2011.

One Response to “Project 52 | Week 32: Fruit”

  1. great shot and processing. i hope you are doing okay after the hurricane!!! prayers to all of you!!!

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