Project 52 | Week 35: Glitter Sparkle Shine

35/52 Blog Circle for September 16… Glitter Sparkle Shine: Find things that glitter sparkle or shine. Maybe your wedding rings??

Went into my daughter’s jewelery box to see what I could use for this week’s blog photo… Just thought it was cute to see all her “sparkely” jewelery in there.. she gets excited to wear specific jewels for special occasions… last weekend she wanted to wear the necklace grandma gave her to church b/c we were going to be seeing her there… she really “shines” when she comes and asks me to help put jewelry on… I am sure some day it will be filled with more things that “glitter”… but for now I like it just the way it is…

To continue on with our blog circle, please visit Kimberlee’s blog: Kimberlee Edwards, Carym NC Photographer


~ by thebugsmommy on September 16, 2011.

7 Responses to “Project 52 | Week 35: Glitter Sparkle Shine”

  1. So sweet–sigh, that just made me wish I had a little girl:(((

  2. How cute! I love your cropping and the way you processed this image!

  3. Love the calm processing on this. Perfect for a glittery jewelry box. Love it!

  4. I am really loving the processing on this its so soft and girly, perfect

  5. I love the vintage feel and the crop.

  6. super cute! my oldest rec’d a jewelry box for her 4th bday and she loves finding treasures to store in there.

  7. oh so cute and girly love it.

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