Project 52 | Week 37: Water

37/52 for September 30… Water: Bathtime? Bubble bath? Rain?

I kept wanting to drive around town and take photos of all the water that surrounds where I live… the ocean, the bay, the river… but the weather didn’t really cooperate this week… and then I was super excited because when the kids were at swim team practice this afternoon… we had a quick rainstorm… and I was anticipating getting home to my camera and having the kids jump in puddles outside… but by the time we got home, there was only one little puddle left out in the street… and we only had a few splashes in the muddy puddle before my daughter wanted to wash off her feet with the hose… and wouldn’t you know it… that’s is where I got my “water” pics for the week… which I ended up loving afterall…

To continue on with our blog circle, you can visit Nany’s blog here: Nancy Schumacher, Thompson, ND Photographer


~ by thebugsmommy on September 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “Project 52 | Week 37: Water”

  1. Great pictures Lynn!

  2. Lynn these are my most favorites ever of yours! Great job. Love the composition, lighting and processing. Excellent!

  3. Beautiful processing ! Wish it was cool enough here to wear that!

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