Project 52 | Week 42: Hands

November 4… Hands: What are you capable of with your hands? What have you created with them? What do your hands mean to you?

On Thursdays we go straight from school pickup to the YMCA for swim team practices… they usually get a snack in the car… then he starts his homework when she swims and then he goes in and she does her homework when he swims… then he gets out and we leave to head home… when it is almost dark out due to the time of year… and on this particular day the kids got in the car… after my son said he had a particurally tough workout… and I quickly say, “Oh no guys, I forgot to take my photo for the week… I need to take a photo of your hands!” Well… with only a little sigh… they obliged their mom… and got out of the car with their wet heads… and tired bodies… in the parking lot of the YMCA… right as the sun was going down… and these are the hand shots I got… such troopers, right?!

To complete our blog circle, pleaes visit Lucy’s blog: Lucy Jane, Adelaide Photographer


~ by thebugsmommy on November 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Project 52 | Week 42: Hands”

  1. they are troopers Lynn!

  2. Very cute and perfect! That’s great that they were so willing to help. Funny how our kids are so trained on thursday nights to help us out 🙂

  3. How cute and fun! I bet you love those little hands!

  4. Great captures!

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