Project 52 | Week 43: Veterans

November 11… Veterans: Is there a veteran in your family? What do these veterans mean to you? How do you say thank you?

When I saw this week’s theme, my first thought was to take a photo of my father. He fought in the Vietnam war, and came home right before I was born. He doesn’t talk a lot about it, but I know from what he does say that it made a major impact on his life. I am very proud of my dad.

I am also proud to say that both of my grandfathers fought in World War II. Unfortunatley, they are not alive for me to take their photo this week, but I am blessed that my grandmother on my father’s side (Shirley, and we call her Mama) is still alive and well and living nearby. I called her a few days ago and told her I was coming to visit. I took with me the beautifully boxed American flag that was put on my grandfather Irwin’s casket when he passed, and I wanted to take some photos of my grandmother with my grandfather’s flag for my project this week. Mama was so happy to see me, as she always is (I’m her eldest grandchild). She had just gotten her hair done and looked beautiful and happy this afternoon when I went to visit.

Here is my father and my grandfather’s veteran stories: My grandfather Irwin was born in Brooklyn in 1923. He fought in WWII as a submariner. He and Shirley got married in September 1945, when he had just gotten out of the war. They lived in Brooklyn and he worked for the NY Daily News after the war. My father was born in November 1946. Irwin became a firefighter after my father was born. My father has 1 brother and 3 younger sisters, and they all grew up in NY. Irwin and Shirley moved to RI to retire. My father met my mother in Brooklyn in 1961. They got married in September 1968. My father left for Vietnam in January 1970 and came home from Vietnam in May 1970. I was born in September 1970. Thank God my father came home or I may have never met him.

I am a very proud American. I can’t put into words what it means for me to say that my dad and my grandfathers fought in wars to protect our freedom. I think that is why I feel the way I do about our country. I am also very blessed that my children have their grandfather alive to get to know and love. As well as their great-grandmother (“the great mama” they call her).

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2 Responses to “Project 52 | Week 43: Veterans”

  1. I adore these. You did such a great job and the processing is wonderful! What a great memory for you.

  2. This is so touching and just wonderfully taken shots !! Love this!!

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