.kelcie then and now.

many of you may have remembered photos i took of sweet baby kelcie… i actually took a photo a day of her first month… and then a photo a month of her second through eleventh months… i thought it would be a cute idea if for her twelve month shots, if we took photos in same locations as we did throughout her first year… and put them side-by-side… i didn’t know how many we could actually re-create… since she is so much bigger now… and since she totally at the “on-the-move” age… (back then she did a whole lot of sleeping)… but i was real happy with the result… and hope her mommy will be too…

so here is miss kelcie… then and now…

by mommy’s feet:

in her big sisters’ room:

in the bunk beds:
(i love how her older sisters added artwork to the walls… shows how much they have grown up this past year too…)

on the pink rug:

with la la loopsies:

in the pink basket:

in the bowl:
(she could barely fit in the bowl now…)

blue eyes:

with baby dolls:
(she’s like saying… i’m a big girl now… i’m not sitting with these baby dolls)

hugging mommy:
(i like how she can hug mommy back now)


~ by thebugsmommy on February 15, 2013.

3 Responses to “.kelcie then and now.”

  1. Lynn, I love these shots. This was such a great idea!

  2. Lynn,
    Great pictures as usual!!!! Love the subject, love the photographer. xo

  3. Lynn, you are so talented! I loved this! I would love you to take some shots of CJ when you can!

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