well I am currently taking an on-line photography class all about light… (it is a fabulous class i might add… i am totally diggin’ it!!)… anyway… this current week’s assignment is about late in the day light… the golden light that comes right before the sun goes down… and we are required to take 5 different images right before sunset in a big open area… anyway… I had some great plans… some local areas that I knew would be perfect… but have been really bummed about the weather here because it was super cloudy monday and tuesday evening when I had planned to take my daughter out to work on this assignment… and yesterday it was rainy and coudy all day… wahhhh!!!!… anyway… I was sitting at the local YMCA last night talking to a few other swim moms when I glanced over my shoulder and saw some sun coming in the window… and it was the perfect golden hour when the sun was just going down… well my son was in the pool for practice and my daughter was getting ready for dance class so I asked one of the moms if i could borrow one of her children… she said sure (she had a couple i could borrow… lol)… so I ran to my car to grab my camera… she lent me her 4 year old daughter… and we went to the the closest open area in the YMCA parking lot I could find… which was just that… a parking lot… lol… I said what the heck… let me try this… and this is what I got…

1. Open Shade

open shade

2. Facing the Sun

facing the sun

3. Backlight & Sharp

backlight and sharp

4. Backlight & Dreamy

backlight and dreamy

5. Sun just went down shot

sun just went down shot

she was a great little model… it was crazy though trying to remember the 5 parts of this assignment while racing against the setting sun… lol… but i like the result… and hope the mom and dad do too…


~ by thebugsmommy on February 28, 2013.

2 Responses to “.maeve.”

  1. Awesome!!!!!!

  2. This is just Beautiful Lynne. Your talent is innate , and you connect with the person that you are photographing in a very special way. Keep up the great work and Art!!!! You are so talented. Mary O’Donnell

    I really would like you to take a portrait of us this year. THanks Mary

    FACING THE SUN is my favorite. ANGELIC!!!!

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